Handwriting Master Analysts of the Philippines, Inc. (HandMAP)


The HandMAP is a SEC (Security of Exchange Commission) REGISTERED Non-Stock Organization dedicated to provide a high quality Handwriting Analysis Services (Graphology and Graphotherapy) to any citizen living in the Philippines, particularly to Filipinos.

Contact us at the following:

Landline - (3431035), Mobile - (09228095472 / 09152422348), Email - (handwritingmasteranalysts@gmail.com)

Do you want to know one's personality, traits or behavior by just merely looking at his signature or handwriting? Visit the "SERVICES" pg.


Handwriting Analysis – also termed as “Graphology,” generally refers to the Science of studying handwriting.

Handwriting Analyst – generally refers to any person who studies handwriting and conducts handwriting analysis.

Graphotherapy – refers to the Science of helping an individual become aware on the relevance of handwriting in the development of his character, and later facilitate him to change his handwriting to maximize his strengths and minimize his weaknesses.



 1) To assist the country in developing good citizens, making them achieve their optimum development through promoting awareness and understanding on the relevance of handwriting in one’s life.

2) To establish best practices and standards for the improvement of handwriting analysis services in the country.

3) To develop a group of professional handwriting analysts and information specialists in academic and research institutions.


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